New year, new me right?

Okay bitches, I have a bone to pick with you.

Yeah, I’m talking to you.

I see you, looking through people’s Facebook’s and Instagrams being like, “Wow Susan has the new years resolution to lose weight, how original.”

Well, fuck you, bitch.

I really tend to hate people this time of year. Not because of what people are posting about their new year goals, but because people who aren’t setting goals think they have a right to judge everyone else for having them.

Personally, I see no problem with people trying to better themselves no matter what day of the year it is.

The fact that someone is trying to change their lives at the beginning of the new year has literally nothing to do with you.

I remember knowing someone in high school who used to say that January was the worst month to go to the gym because it was full of fat people trying to lose weight and they didn’t get the good treadmill.

They actually complained that other people were trying to better themselves and better their health, and made the other person’s journey all about them.

In my personal opinion, the only people that really should change themselves around the new year are those who think it’s okay to judge other people’s goals.

You should make it your resolution to mind your own fucking business.


Now that about half of my readers have closed this tab from feeling personally attacked, I’d like to talk about what the new year means for me.

Go ahead and judge me if you want, if you didn’t already know, I really do not care what you think.

I know that a lot of you are either expecting or hoping that my resolution will be for me to be less of a bitch, but let’s not kid ourselves.

That’s not happening anytime soon.

My goals instead focus more own my own physical and mental health, and on helping others.

This first part of this is that I want to take little moments every day to make myself look and feel good.

Whether this means taking the time to do my hair in the morning, enjoying a nice long walk, reading a book, watching a silly movie, or meditating.

I want to make sure that this year I’m really prioritizing my growth.

I found that in 2017 I spent a little too much time prioritizing other people over myself, and this is something I don’t want to do anymore.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to be there for the people I love but it does mean that my main intentions at all times will be on me.

You can go ahead and think that that’s selfish of me, but then you would just be pretending like you aren’t your own #1 priority, and we both know that’s a lie. Or at least it should be.

The other thing that I really want to spend time doing this year is helping people who don’t have the same opportunities as I have been fortunate enough to have.

Now I’m not entirely sure what this will look like just yet, but I do know that I want to spend some time donating my time and some of the things I don’t need.

I feel like I’ve been so lucky and privileged to be able to be where I am now, and I want to do what I can to provide others with similar opportunities.

I really want 2018 to be a year of improvement, growth, acceptance, and love.

Not just for me, but for everyone.

The last couple of years have been so hard on people all over the world, and the world has become so incredibly fucked up.

I know that my impact won’t be able to fix this, but I do believe that I can at least make a difference in one person’s life.

And that’s a good start, right?

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